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Use Mini-Compressor to quickly compress your digital pictures for sharing with friends and family via e-mail or photo sharing websites. All it takes is one right click to compress your photos.

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That's right, one right click!

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Right-Click the Picture or Folder

Right click
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Your Pictures are Compressed

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E-mail or Upload Your Compressed Pictures

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Ever Been Frustrated When Trying to Share Photos?

Large digital photos is are good for picture quality and developing but not good when you are trying to share them with loved ones via e-mail or a photo sharing website such as Flickr. The large file size of the pictures limits how many you can e-mail and/or add to the file sharing site. Larger pictures also take longer for your recipients to download when they try to view them.

Compressing your pictures before you e-mail or upload them lets you share more pictures at once and reduces the time for your recipient to download them for viewing.

Recipients do not need Mini-Compressor to view the pictures.

You're Not the Only One Frustrated

Read our Origin Story

“I really needed a compressor to reduce pano pictures down to size enter a photo contest I almost gave up until I came across your software over the weekend it was a life saver thanks you very much for the development of the product.”
-Tony, landscape photographer
"...many thanks for this small program [Mini-Compressor], it worked a treat. I have just resized around 1200 photos taking up nearly 5.6 gig of disk space, they are now compressed to around 500meg. Now it's just a simple task to copy them onto a DVD. Best $7.50 I have spent in a long time."
- Euan B.
"I purchased a copy of Mini Compressor yesterday to use on my old PC in the den (Windows XP) - it IS BRILLIANT."
- Martin F.