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Mini-Compressor is a Windows tool that allows you to quickly and easily compress images by 90% with little loss in quality. The compressed images are perfect for e-mailing, storing, or uploading to websites.

If you can right-mouse-click, you can use Mini-Compressor!

Use it today to share pictures with friends and family.


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  • Download Mini-Compressor immediately after purchasing and re-downloading it at a later date for no charge.
  • Use Mini-Compressor on all the computers you own with one license (non-commercial use).
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Migrator is an open source tool developed by a developer for developers.

Migrator is an easy to use database migration tool inspired by the Ruby on Rails migration process.

Use it to:

  • share database changes between developers during development
  • migrate those changes from the Testing database(s) then to the Production database

Created by Saturday Morning Productions for its consulting clients and used regularly. Click here to check out this open source tool.

Migrator Results Screenshot


Our philosophy at Saturday Morning Productions is "get stuff done" and we bring this philosophy with us to your company when we do consulting. Rather than focusing on a specific technology we focus on the goal of the project. This allows us to pick the best technology to get the stuff you need done. Some things we are good at:

Give us a shout at info@saturdaymp.com if you have a project that needs to get done or check out the Consulting page for more details.